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April 2016

Leading in Turbulent Times and Book Launch


GSOA hosted a 1 day Seminar last week on the 4th of April in Central London, with the theme Leading in Turbulent Times for 24 participants representing business and public sector organisations, consultancy and trusts. There were participants from the UK, Netherlands and Sweden. A team consisting of GSOA faculty and a MA year 3 participant hosted and worked with participants on the day.

Working with and applying the Transforming Experience Framework was at the heart of the seminar, as a framework for taking effective leadership actions in the complexity and turbulence of organisational life today. After the opening, Susan Harrison shared stories of 3 poignant and practical case studies in which the TEF informed her understanding and effective role take up. Participants then engaged with the TEF literally moving through the domains and linking with their own organisational challenges and dilemmas.


The afternoon was spent in leadership clinics, in which Organisational Role Analysis was applied to specific situations brought in by participants.

The final plenary reflection brought together some of the important questions about role and leadership, change and transformation, collaboration as opposed to competition, purpose and human values and the particular relevance in times of turbulence.

Overall the energy in the room was dynamic, critical, reflective and highly engaged.

Most participants stayed for the celebration of the TEF book : Transforming Experience in Organisations, edited by Prof Susan Long (Karnac). They were joined by about 30 other guests, from professional and personal circles around the Grubb and its late Executive Director, Bruce Irvine. The reception opened with a video message from Susan Long explaining why this book was needed and why now, fo5llowed by Rebekah O’Rourke (GSOA Academic Lead, Executive Director of TGLP) and Olivia Margo (GSOA Faculty, Organisational Analyst) who presented a powerful example of the application of the TEF in practice with a large client organisation.

John Bazalgette (GSOA Honorary Fellow) provided insights into the journey of the Grubb’s thinking, the various contributors and commemorated in particular on Bruce Irvine’s role to whom the book is rightfully dedicated.

The formal part of the evening was closed by Marjoleine Hulshof (GSOA Head of Quality) and followed by a lively celebrative reception.


Karnac has confirmed that the book sales are so high that it is currently the #1 bestseller book on their website and a second edition will need to be printed soon. It is also available in print and as Kindle version on Amazon (see below for link). We strongly invite readers to write a review on Amazon and welcome any discussions and questions.



The day was made possible by Crossfields Institute, pioneering the idea of workademia, and offering cross-disciplinary programmes at all vocational and higher (academic) education levels. Crossfields International is the home for GSOA, where the Grubb Institute’s thinking and work continues to evolve.


Leading in Turbulent Times

5th April 2016, 10am – 5pm followed by Reception from 5.15pm

A one-day seminar for leaders, executives and senior managers to examine the organisational, cultural and
transformational challenges we face from the holistic perspective.

In a single day of energising dialogue, challenging paradigms and engaging with wicked dilemmas from your
experience, you will gain insights that can make a real difference to achieving progress.



Book Launch and Celebration: Transforming Experience in Organisations

5th April, 2016
5.15pm – 7.30 pm

Following our one-day seminar (10am – 5pm, same day) titled “Leading in turbulent times: Transforming roles into effective action in organisational life in the face of economic, social, spiritual and political uncertainty in society”, we will be celebrating the launch of the new book Transforming Experience in Organisations based on The Grubb Institute’s, Transforming Experience Framework edited by Prof Susan Long with contributions from colleagues, faculty and MA participants.



May 2015


Postponement of and Co-Creation of the Bruce Irvine Celebration Event
To Be Held in the Autumn of 2015 (18th May 2015)

It is clear to us that there is a large amount of interest from around the globe to connect remotely with this event and that we are being asked to hold it at a later date. We discern the call for an event which is co-created: hence the need for postponement.



February 2015


The World’s First Global Masters Programme in Organisational Analysis and Leadership to Launch (10th February 2015)

Crossfields Institute, a leader in developing integrative education, today announced the launch of the world’s first global university-accredited Masters programme in organisational analysis and leadership. The programme is offered by the Institute of Philosophy and Aesthetics at Alanus University, Alfter, Germany. The programme is informed by the pioneering work in the field of group dynamics carried out by faculty of the Grubb School.