Participant Feedback

“Since participating in this course my whole perspective of how I take up my role in organisations and in the larger world has completely shifted. I am now more aware of my interconnectedness with all those I work with, as well as an interconnectedness of all my dimensions. As a result I am empowered in how I make choices and take action from a new objectivity I had not realised even existed. This course imparts cutting-edge thinking about taking up leadership in a fast-changing world. It is an experiential voyage of inquiry and insight which is already having purposeful reverberations across people and organisations I am working with.”

– Aarti Kapoor, Leader and Consultant NGOs (Asia/UK)


“…At my core I felt (and heard) the call to continue my work in contributing to the evolution of human consciousness. On a professional level I gained much greater clarity on the purpose of the new business I am co-building and what it will mean to work to that purpose.

In my consulting and coaching work with both businesses and individuals I have found the power and importance of discovering and living purpose. This understanding and knowing was strongly reinforced, expanded and indeed transformed through my experience in the seminar. The application of the Transforming Experience Framework is now integral to my work and the concept of purpose as critical to the understanding of taking role (i.e. taking action ‘to serve the purpose of the system’)…”

– Pam Seccombe, MD Consulting Firm (Australia)


“My Participation in the ‘Masters Program Seminar Week’ course was personally and professionally transformative. Unlike most of the group I was a casual participant and so this experiential, dynamic and co-creative group learning process was initially bewildering to me but the respectful holding of each person’s learning enabled me to became fully engaged in it. The process of learning by emersion in both content and process allowed direct reflection on the system dynamics experienced in my work life. Using the here and now experience of the group learning facillitated clear insights into my role and responses in the system dynamics within the organisation in which I work. The part I play in co-creating the dynamics in any system I am part of is now clearer, as are the roles and responsibilities I have for change. This was a very challenging and very rewarding week.”

– Michelle Lawler