Working to purpose and in role(s)

Purpose is one of the critical concepts in Organisational Analysis, both in expressing the essence of an organisational system and its dynamic interactions and meaning in its context(s) and as an instrument in deciding how we take action in role.

Leadership is about consciously working to purpose and understanding context as a function of connectedness, co-creation and collaboration. In the programme participants learn to apply organisational analysis and system-thinking in a disciplined way to identify the key current outputs from the organisational system, their impact and meaning in the context and the critical activities to enable the organisation to achieve these. This enables them to identify and internalise the purpose of the organisational systems in which they work so as to assess what actions serve that purpose in any situation.

Working ‘in role’ is a powerful way to build leadership capacities across a whole system and this programme works to continuously develop participants’ awareness of their authority and power in their roles as members of their organisations. To work ‘in role’ is also to bring out underutilised personal and systemic resources—such as values, beliefs, faith and spirituality—to serve organisational purpose and development. To work ‘in role’ means learning to use every available resource to refine the way an organisational system engages with its context, such that it may contribute in its own unique way to the wellbeing of the wider whole.