Honorary Fellows

John Bazalgette


For over 50 years John has been exploring the kind of organisational leadership which enrols the passions of men, women and children to serve the best purposes of the organisations that bring them together.  He has learned from children, parents, teachers, employers, senior executives, clergy, probation officers, prison governors, public servants and others, that engaging people’s untapped resources is, at the one and the same time, both simple and exceeding difficult.  His work has taken him to many different cultures and countries. He has lectured, written and broadcast about what he has learned.

His conviction is that we live our lives as whole and find true life from discovering what provides that unity.  For him the idea of ‘work-life balance’ is an oxymoron and underlies many of the seemingly intractable problems that face the world today.  Organisational analysis to him is about the continuous search for that underlying unity, from which we experience real freedom and authority to make a difference.

He is an Honorary Fellow of the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis and a Visiting Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.  He works closely with the Grubb School faculty in supporting its educational provisions.

Colin Quine


Colin is one of the Founder Members of The Grubb Institute and a Senior Organisational Analyst with over 40 years’ experience of consulting to, and researching, organisations.

He read Biochemistry at Oxford. As a result of an experience of a here-and-now group relations conference he decided he was more interested in interactions in organisations rather than at a molecular level and joined The Grubb Institute. This also enabled him to respond to a sense of call as a Christian to make a difference in the world.

During his working life he has worked with organisations in a variety of sectors, but particularly with third sector and volunteering organisations and faith based organisations, through consultancy, training, evaluation and research. Most recently he has led a collaborative project to study the contribution of Anglican cathedrals to their communities.

With colleagues he has been involved in the development of the Transforming Experience Framework.

He is an Honorary Fellow of the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis.

Jean Read


Jean is one of the Founder Members of The Grubb Institute. From a background in administration and management, she became part of the professional staff team developing the understanding of group and organisational behaviour, and seeking to release the untapped resources of members of institutions and communities to fulfil their purposes more effectively.

As a senior organisational analyst she has worked nationally and internationally, consulting to organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors and providing Organisational Role Analysis for leaders and managers. She has directed and participated as staff in group relations conferences in several countries and has in-depth experience of leading action research projects in community settings in the UK and Ireland. Much of her work has been with faith-based organisations and their leaders, and most recently with Anglican cathedrals.

Jean was a faculty member of the Institute’s first Masters programme, and has led and contributed to programmes at the University of Utrecht, where she has also been a member of the International Advisory Board of the executive programme, ‘ Coaching and Consulting in Context’.

She is an Honorary Fellow of the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis.